Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Discoveries at the Farmers' Market

I love the vibe of a farmers' market. That slowed down, chilled out feeling just sets the weekend off in the most wonderful way.

One of my new favourites is the Stirling Farmers' Market on a Sunday morning. The aim is generally to get there at about 8.30, about an hour after they open. There is such a great variety of stalls, with one of my favourites being the A & S Marchetti and Sons fruit stall.

They sell delicious, seasonal fruit grown on their property in Roleystone, only about an hour away. The stallholders are incredibly friendly and very happy to talk about the produce. I always tend to grab a selection of apples and pears as these seem to be the easiest sort of lunchbox fillers.

This is also where I discovered the wonders of the Kieffer pear. It is a sweet and crunchy fruit that goes beautifully with cheese and dried apricots, but is also great eaten on its own. There isn't a great deal of information on these in Australia and I think you might have a bit of trouble tracking these down anywhere other that a farmers' market.

The markets aren't necessarily in the prettiest location, but by being in the carpark of the Stirling Council offices and just off the freeway, they are easy to get to and there is heaps of parking.

What amazing discoveries have you made at Farmers' Markets?

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